It is amazing to me how the Lord can speak to your heart when you least expect it. My husband, Bruce, and I were having dinner with a very dear friend of ours while on a business trip. Dr. Wilton shared an experience he had while preaching at a minister’s conference. As he was traveling to the conference he felt the Lord telling him not to speak on what he had prepared, but to share his testimony of how the Lord had set him free from lust. This was not exactly a story he wanted to proclaim, especially to fellow ministers. However, he chose to be obedient to the Lord. At the end of the service, he told these pastors that they too could be free from lust.

As he prepared to lead them in prayer, he asked for anyone that wanted freedom to stand. When he finished praying and opened his eyes, there were only five men left sitting. He prayed for the power of God to set them free of the spirit of lust. He shared with us how he had for months received phone calls, letters, & e-mails from pastors thanking him for their freedom and for his transparency. My heart broke as I realized how many ministers, and their families, have struggles that they feel they cannot share with anyone. I knew there needed to be a safe place that they could go to for spiritual healing. After dinner, I shared my burden with Bruce & Dr. Wilton.

They were both in agreement that there needed to be a place of safety for ministers in need. Over the next few weeks, I realized the Lord was asking my husband & me to provide that place. All I could do at that point was say “Yes, Lord”. In looking back I realized our business trip was merely the tool God used to birth in us The Secret Place ministry!

Jill Campbell

Resurrection Life Church ReVibe Media Group