Bruce Campbell grew up in a broken home and even spent time in an orphanage during his early years.  He accepted Christ at age twelve but had no discipleship or growth or church life. At age 15 he began drug and alcohol use and became addicted.  He drifted from the experience of salvation and began to pursue a career as a head chef.  Although he was very successful he was empty and nothing satisfied the longing for inner peace and meaning.  At Age 22 Bruce was set free of addiction by the power of God.  Bruce yielded to the call of God and left his career to pursue ministry.
            Jill, unlike Bruce, grew up in a stable Christian home.  Her father was a faithful deacon and her mother along with her father instilled strong Christian virtues into her life.  Although she was shy, she loved her church and she loved to sing to God.  In high school she felt the call of God to give her life to ministry.  Her parents counseled her to study business but she could not escape the call and chose Sacred Music as her major.
            Bruce and Jill met in college in 1978.   Jill was a Sacred Music major and Bruce was a religion major.  Bruce worked in youth ministry and lived in staff housing at Northwood Baptist Church.  Bruce also recorded an album in 1980 with a contemporary Christian band.  Jill traveled with college singing groups and Bruce traveled with his band.  Besides preaching with the band, Bruce also spent summers preaching youth revivals for various churches and the Florida Baptist Convention.   They were married in 1981 at Jill’s home church, Miami Shores Baptist Church.  Bruce and Jill both received their Bachelor of Arts degree in 1983 and headed for the New Orleans Baptist Seminary in 1984.
            Bruce developed and ran a construction business while pastoring churches and attending seminary.  Jill continued to lead in worship as church pianist and vocalist.  Over the years Bruce and Jill found themselves more and more ministering to fellow pastors and professional ministers.  God continued to bless their businesses and they were able to help over sixty five students with jobs through the seminary years and at the zenith included three businesses with over one hundred twenty employees.  Jill completed a worship music CD in 1998 and continued to lead in worship services in various venues.  They have been involved in spiritual warfare and have traveled leading in conferences, worship and preaching.

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