Jesus said that Satan the thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy, but that He came to give Life in Abundance.  Honestly, even though I believed that with all of my heart, for years as a pastor, theologian, and committed servant of Christ, I lived with a discrepancy between Jesus’ promise and my experience.  It left me wondering if the abundance promised was reserved for heaven.  Even though I was a disciplined man, I lived with an inner driven battle with lust.

Many years ago Bruce and I were fellowshipping in my church office between services when I felt the freedom to tell him about my inner torment.  The most gracious, refreshing, and hopeful words came off his lips; “would you like to be free of that my brother?” Bruce prayed a simple prayer and God delivered me immediately.  For all those years I had been bolting the door through discipline when the enemy was on the inside. 

In a moment God cleaned house and then filled me with the refreshing power and passion of His Spirit.  Although I experience temptation from the outside, I no longer battle the gnawing torment from within.

As I have shared my testimony with fellow pastors, I realize that I certainly am not alone.  I just thought I was alone because, for the most part, “church” does not exactly provide a safe environment for much honesty.  So, the inner secrets hide in darkness instead of being exposed to the light … and, tragically, many of my precious brothers and sisters settle for a less than abundant life.

It is glorious to God for the sons and daughters of God to live in passionate freedom.  There are none more passionate and equipped to be instruments of healing than those like Jill and Bruce who minister because they themselves have experienced God’s powerful love and freedom. 

Murray R. Wilton PhD
President: Murray Wilton Ministries INC. |
Pastor: Fresh Wind Fellowship

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